Just Another Day…In Paradise

One of my favorite things to do here is really just going for a run or a walk on the trail by the hotel zone.  The other day I was not really in the mood for a run, but thought I was overdue to go.  I was just going to run for a little while and see if I had any energy.  Then this older guy (Hilberto-sp?) ran alongside me and started talking away.  He was a marathon runner and from Mexico City(which is where many people are from).  He started speaking Spanish, but then figured out I didn’t know a whole lot.  I sometimes like to tell people to just talk slow and I’ll try my best, but I was finding it hard to run and think in Spanish at the same time! haha  Maybe it was just that it was the morning and I was just waking up!  He quickly switched to English.  He knew a lot of English(he was a doctor).  I have found that most doctors know a lot of English.  Anyway, he was very nice and I ended up effortlessly running to my usual spot.  I like to run to the first beach on the trail.  He said he was tired (from the marathon the day before) so he was going to turn around.  I wanted to hang out at the beach before I ran back.  I love going there in the morning and just sitting on a bench and thinking/relaxing by myself.  It isn’t the prettiest beach in Cancun and the water isn’t as turquoise as other beaches, but it’s still beautiful.  It’s a very small public beach that isn’t very busy.  I love how in the morning there are people who just go there for a quick swim or just seeking somewhere peaceful.  I know before long, I need to get up super early and make it to the beach at sunrise!  Below I added some pictures of what I see on my run/walk.


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