Where Are We Going?

I have to apologize because I keep having these long breaks in between writing posts.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, but I keep feeling like I should have some “great” story…Yes, I know it doesn’t have to be a “great” story, but just something I want to share.

Anyway, last Sunday I decided I wanted to go to the beach very early.  I had some friends that were out the night before and didn’t want to wait for them to join me(I knew they would be hung over).  So I jumped on the R2 bus right by my apartment.  What caught me off guard is that instead of going straight(in the direction of the hotel zone) we took a right.  I know most people would’ve jumped off the bus or asked where were going.  I thought there might be a chance that we were going to go a little further and then take a detour towards the hotel zone, but NO…the more we kept going in the other direction, the more I thought “I’m not jumping off now, I need to see where we are going.”  I also thought, “this is on the way to Playa del Carmen!”  This would be one cheap ride to Playa!  8.5 pesos to Playa!! haha  I knew we weren’t going there, but I’ll admit that I was a bit worried.  I finally asked a girl that I was sitting next to in my best Spanish(which is not good) where the heck we were going!!  She asked what hotel I was staying at and I told her that I lived here, but wanted to go to the hotel zone.  She reassured me that we would be going around to the hotel zone.  Then we finally took the loop by the airport and went the other direction to the hotel zone area.  Whew!  I was relieved to be at Playa Delphines at last!




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