The other day, I was on a mission to get my work shirts.  It turns out that for work I need to wear a white shirt and khakis on Monday, polo shirt with school logo-Tuesday through Thursday, and Friday I can wear what I want(within reason)…nothing too revealing(no short shorts, nothing low cut).

So anyway, I did not bring a single polo with me because I didn’t know I would need them. The school supplied me with 2 shirts, but wanted enough to last for a couple weeks.  I don’t want to have to go to the laundramat everyday.

I took a taxi there and had no problems getting there…once I was there, it was a whole other story!  You wouldn’t believe how long I was there!

I “tried” to explain to the lady that I wanted more colors in the shirts, but I needed a ladder or stick thingy(to grab the hangers). I didn’t know that they grabbed more in back.  SO, I figured out she was asking what colors.  I forgot a few of my colors in Spanish, but got the point across.

It was amazing to me that the very same shirt, but different colors was a different length.  I told her about this and she was like “no se?” She didn’t know why there were like that.  I had to ask her to take some shirts back.  We went on and on for a LONG time 🙂  I’m very lucky she was so patient.  It is awesome how you can explain what you want, even if you don’t know all the words and the other person doesn’t speak the same language!  She also told me that if I buy more shirts then other shirts would be cheaper.  She wrote it down and I got it!  I don’t know if I have ever been so happy to run an errand and accomplish it!  I felt so proud that I did it all by myself!  2 hours later I had my shirts, just teasing!  I’m not sure how long it was, but it wasn’t a quick errand!!  The pic below is what my shirts will look like when they are finished embroidering them!!  Yay!  By the way, I got a sweet deal at Optima…it was about $4.50 per shirt…

work uniform-Tuesday through Thursday!



I think I’m understanding the whole siesta(nap time) thing here…I get up for work pretty early and it’s really nice because it gives me the whole rest of the day to either relax or get things done!  Although this is great having the early day, it still gets very hot(like soaking wet hot in minutes) here.  I am even in air/fans all day, yet when I step outside it makes me slow down…a lot.  It is nice to have something to eat and then take a nap.  Yep, that might be my daily routine or go to the beach 🙂 haha

1st day of School!

Wow, what a day!  First off, It is strange to be at work by 6:40 and leave before 2:30(actually most days we can leave at 2:15)!!  I didn’t have much time before the kids were coming into class with a bazillion(I know, it’s not a word)things!  I have 20 kids from about 7:00-10:00, then 19 more at 10:30 to 1:15(most days).

We started out the day with a flag ceremony which is held every Monday.  It was very nice ceremony…I will try to get a picture sometime.

The weird thing is that the kids eat lunch with me and then I have duty many days outside…not good for bathroom breaks, but I guess I will have to figure out something.

The kids are overall a great group of kids…a few that I will have to lay the smack down, but otherwise alright! 🙂  It is so strange on how some of the kids might have one parent from Japan and one from Mexico or one from Italy and one from Germany!

I have to speak in English and some of these kids knew what I was saying, but then answered me in Spanish!  It will be interesting…I’m going to have to slow way down.  Some kids really didn’t understand me, but some did and were a little sassy.  I think it will be a good year.  I know I will learn tons and the kids will too!  I hope I don’t feel as rushed…considering that I don’t have that much time with them.

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hint hint?

When I first got here, I was staying in a hotel for a few days.  I didn’t have anything better to do than check out local places and explore.  While searching new places, I came across a common grocery store in Cancun called Chedraui.  I was looking for a few things, but thought I might as well check out the liquor section…being from WI and all(we are known for more than GB Packers and dairy farms)! haha  Anyway, I found this little gem.  I’m not a big whiskey fan, but is this a hint?  Since I’m a teacher in Mexico…shouldn’t it be a requirement to drink Tequila?  It doesn’t matter, because I’m going to drink Margaritas and Sol until my liver says otherwise!  (Not the best pic, but you get the idea).

necessiario para maestras?

Bono-school mascot

In the US (at least where I’m from) it is fairly common that many animals aren’t allowed at school.  Usually administrators are worried about children having allergies or safety issues.  Sometimes on a workday teachers would sneak their dog in and we would have a little “dog play day.”

What is cool about the school where I work, my boss’ dog (Bono) comes to work with her.  Yes, Bono, like the singer from U2.  He is laid back and very smart(he responds in 2 languages). 🙂  He sometimes visits with the teachers or sneaks into the air conditioning.  I absolutely love dogs and it makes me miss my dog (Lily) even more…she might have to come back with me during Christmas?  I hope so.



The road to school…

As in any other place in the world, there are bad roads in Cancun.  The street next to my school was badly in need of repairs.  The city finally agreed to fix the street about 1 month before school started.  They said it would be done in time for school to start.  The problem with this is that Mexico is a little different in many ways… there are things that can interfere when getting projects/major construction done.  One is that once you decide you are going to dig up something, other city departments decide they would like to take advantage of this.  SO, they decided to put in new water drainage pipes AND cable/telephone cables THEN do the road.  Another thing that can get in the way of major construction here is weather.  Recently we had hurricane Ernesto go through the area…that did not help.  I’m no expert in construction, but if I had to guess, I would say that it’s not very likely that this road will be done in time(August 20th).  They can’t have 300+ kids walking to school from far away and having parents drop them off at a busy street.  This should be interesting…They (directors) said if it’s not done in time, they will have to postpone the start of school.  What do you think?  Do you think this will be done in a few days?  It’s taken them about a month to get this far…

the hike to school

Medicine or ? :)

The last couple of days I haven’t been feeling the greatest.  My throat has been bothering me off and on.  Today I woke up and had a horrible sore throat.  As the day went on, it continued to get worse.  I didn’t bring any drugs with me, yet needed something.  I went to the grocery store, but had no idea what things really were.  Some things were obvious, but others weren’t quite as obvious.  I could’ve looked around for awhile, but decided I’d rather TRY to ask.  I told the pharmacist that I spoke only a little Spanish…I said I needed something for my throat.  She recommended Cepacol.  When I got home and opened up the box, I expected the usual pills or lozenges in the usual plastic packaging.  Instead I found what looked like this…  you tell me, what does it look like to you?  Kinda funny, huh?

Mi Cumpleaños!!

I think this birthday could go down in the record book for being one of the best!  I didn’t get to see all of my family and friends, but otherwise it was awesome!

I started the day going to this fabulous place for breakfast.  I will have to get back to you on the name of the place.   I had an omelet and coffee and it was perfect!  It was so cute…there was this little girl(around 2 years old) that had wondered off from her mom.  She obviously couldn’t find her mom, but instead of just wandering around, she kept coming up to me!  It was so sweet!  She kept saying “donde mi mama?”  I tried talking to her, but she didn’t really respond…then she kept coming back to me.  “Donde mi mama?”  Then finally her mom called her name a few tables away.  She was so precious!

I went home for awhile and talked with family on skype and chilled because it was raining…the rain passed quickly, which was so nice!

Later in the day I hung out with some friends and met more people on the beach and relaxed.  I enjoyed Tecate Light and had a great time!

Then for dinner, I was invited to a friend’s cousin’s house for an authentic Mexican meal with dessert and everything!!  I’m soooooooooooooooooo full!

I had the best day!  I feel so blessed! 🙂

Welcome to the Jungle!

Wow, there is never a dull moment around here…whether it’s trying to tell someone something and don’t know the word/words to communicate, not knowing my way around or many people, ocean view, different culture, and ANIMALS!

The road right next to my work(school) is finally doing repairs and digging up the whole road.  No cars can really get through, so most teachers have to park at the end of the road and walk about 10 minutes to school.  On the way out today just laying on the road was a TARANTULA(dead-thank God).  I asked the teachers I was walking with if it was real because I had never seen one outside of a cage…I knew that it was, but it almost didn’t look real!

Today while setting up my classroom, some of the building maintenance guys were going around and setting up bulletin boards(made out of cardboard).  All of a sudden I looked, and there was this little tiny guy crawling around my classroom.  I almost stepped on it, thinking it was a bug, but the way it moved I thought it might be something else…good thing I didn’t.  Look at him!  Isn’t he cute?!  The worker caught him for me (he was fast and I thought I might smoosh him).  He put him by one of the trees in the school…he’ll be back to visit, I’m sure 🙂  I will have to think of a name…any ideas?


1st day of Work!

School doesn’t start until August 20th, but today was the first day of work.  It went really well!

They(administrators) warned me that they didn’t have many supplies and the supplies they did have aren’t as nice as US(tape not as sticky, etc).  Today I learned that the cork in bulletin boards doesn’t do well here, so we used cardboard!

Also, when going around and doing introductions…I was the only one that didn’t speak Spanish!  Many of the teachers speak English though.  I felt a little nervous and didn’t want to be the only one to give my intro in English, but oh well.  I will learn!

Right away this morning in another teacher’s classroom, there was a huge cockroach!  Awwww!!!

The staff was very warm and welcoming!  I’m so excited to be here!!

This will definitely be a year where it might be a toss up between who learns more…my students or me? 🙂  teasing!