Adios Amigos

So I apologize, things have been a little crazy and life has turned upside down…but it will be okay.  Unfortunately my time in Cancun has come to an end(actually January 30th).  I will explain what has happened over the last month or so(again, I apologize)…So I got back after Christmas vacation expecting to start my new job in Playa del Carmen.  It was for a Canadian company called Ontario Homes.  I THOUGHT it was going to be just booking appointments, pretty mindless, but a job and temporary.  Oh no, Corinne, you were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wrong.  It was at this girl’s house in Playa del Carmen, cold calling people from Canada.  You had to call and try to do this spiel over the phone and try to convince them to sign up for an appointment if they had an old furnace. blah, blah, blah.  NO WAY JOSE!  I love the Cancun area, but I must have a job that I can live with (or should I say live with myself).  I tried it for a couple of days and the girl asked me if I wanted the job and I politely told her Hellz no.  How would you say that in Spanish?  Anyway, so back to the drawing board.  I didn’t tell you, but I’ve done some other interviews and other things that didn’t work out.  (I should’ve posted all about it!!) Now that this new law passed in Mexico, one cannot go from a tourist visa to a working visa.  You have to leave the country and get hired by a Mexican consulate!  I get it, but it sucks.  I had another job opportunity to work for the hotel called Dreams as a “liner.”  They are the lovely people who try to convince you to buy timeshare crap.  I went for an interview and got it, but long story…no go!  Recently, I went to one last interview.  It is for a company called Froggin.  It is an after school program for learning English.  It is just starting in Cancun.  They have a bunch of the schools throughout Mexico.  I could’ve done that job, but it was part-time and something I would be doing just to stay in Cancun.  I realized(over the last couple of months)that I really, really want to go back to school.  Since I am a veteran, the VA can help out with school if I live and go to school in Wisconsin(the place that is colder than the North Pole right now)!!  So I am trying to soak up all the sun, drink all the cerveza, and eat all the guacamole I can before I leave.  Ok, not really, this place has made me gain a bunch of unwanted weight(like weight is ever really wanted).  So basically, I’m trying to get sun before I go to freeze and have to wear 6 million layers to go outside.  So I guess this blog will have to be discontinued…I will have to change the name or something? Ahhhhh, it won’t be exciting… I am going to miss this place, but I am doing the right thing.  I can’t just stay in a place and not have any goals here.  Everyone needs a dream…

(I took these pics today)…first one is outside of my apartment.




Bono-school mascot

In the US (at least where I’m from) it is fairly common that many animals aren’t allowed at school.  Usually administrators are worried about children having allergies or safety issues.  Sometimes on a workday teachers would sneak their dog in and we would have a little “dog play day.”

What is cool about the school where I work, my boss’ dog (Bono) comes to work with her.  Yes, Bono, like the singer from U2.  He is laid back and very smart(he responds in 2 languages). 🙂  He sometimes visits with the teachers or sneaks into the air conditioning.  I absolutely love dogs and it makes me miss my dog (Lily) even more…she might have to come back with me during Christmas?  I hope so.



Welcome to the Jungle!

Wow, there is never a dull moment around here…whether it’s trying to tell someone something and don’t know the word/words to communicate, not knowing my way around or many people, ocean view, different culture, and ANIMALS!

The road right next to my work(school) is finally doing repairs and digging up the whole road.  No cars can really get through, so most teachers have to park at the end of the road and walk about 10 minutes to school.  On the way out today just laying on the road was a TARANTULA(dead-thank God).  I asked the teachers I was walking with if it was real because I had never seen one outside of a cage…I knew that it was, but it almost didn’t look real!

Today while setting up my classroom, some of the building maintenance guys were going around and setting up bulletin boards(made out of cardboard).  All of a sudden I looked, and there was this little tiny guy crawling around my classroom.  I almost stepped on it, thinking it was a bug, but the way it moved I thought it might be something else…good thing I didn’t.  Look at him!  Isn’t he cute?!  The worker caught him for me (he was fast and I thought I might smoosh him).  He put him by one of the trees in the school…he’ll be back to visit, I’m sure 🙂  I will have to think of a name…any ideas?


1st day of Work!

School doesn’t start until August 20th, but today was the first day of work.  It went really well!

They(administrators) warned me that they didn’t have many supplies and the supplies they did have aren’t as nice as US(tape not as sticky, etc).  Today I learned that the cork in bulletin boards doesn’t do well here, so we used cardboard!

Also, when going around and doing introductions…I was the only one that didn’t speak Spanish!  Many of the teachers speak English though.  I felt a little nervous and didn’t want to be the only one to give my intro in English, but oh well.  I will learn!

Right away this morning in another teacher’s classroom, there was a huge cockroach!  Awwww!!!

The staff was very warm and welcoming!  I’m so excited to be here!!

This will definitely be a year where it might be a toss up between who learns more…my students or me? 🙂  teasing!