After I went snorkeling a couple of weeks ago, I noticed I had some bumps on my face around my nose.  I didn’t think anything of it.  I thought it might be from a sore that was open and the salt water aggravated it or something.  Well, it’s been over 2 weeks and it’s gotten worse.  I have all these bumps, but they keep peeling and then bleeding.  I think I had something like it before in the US.  It was a bacterial infection.  I have a friend here that knows a doctor(his brother).  He called him up and explained my symptoms.  The doctor then told him what medicine I should take.  My friend  told me 2 things that his brother thought it could be.  One thing he said was that it was like a type of inflammation of the skin from the snorkeling mask and sun.  The other thing he described was like a bacterial infection, but he said it had a name.  He didn’t know what the name was in English(my friend didn’t).  He called his brother back to ask what is was in English…he said mushroom!  I immediately started laughing because obviously it meant fungus(bacterial infection).  So funny, I have a mushroom on my face. 🙂  It’s so funny how some things don’t translate well and some don’t at all.