Follow Your heart


I feel like I’m getting closer to what I want to do with my life… I recently met a girl named Mayra.  She is a psychologist.  I have always been interested in the mind, how it works, why people get sick, etc.  (Okay, maybe not always, but for a long time.)  She has recently become a part of a program called Core Energetics.  It is a holistic healing modality that bridges body-psychotherapy and spirituality. (The definition is from the website below).

To read more on this, here is the link:

What really interests me is the energy part of the program.  We are all made of energy.  It is interesting that the way we think can form not only our future, but prevent or cause our bodies to heal or to be harmed.  I am very aware of how our subconscious can alter our future.  If we don’t stay in tune with our subconscious/God/energy then we can lose sight of why we are here and our health can take a turn for the worse.  I want to know all about energy healing, being in tune/communicating with my subconscious/God.  I want to become an expert on this!  Not only do I want to help myself, but I feel like it would be completely gratifying to help others in this way as well.  Sometimes I wondered what I was doing here (Mexico)…but now I know.  I know it wasn’t to teach for a year.  It wasn’t to live on the ocean (ok, this might be a necessity in my life.) 🙂   It was to fully realize what I wanted to do.  I was never meant to be a teacher…I did pretty well, when I put everything into it, but it was never meant to be a lifelong career.  I am fine with that, because everything has led me to where I am right now.  You are probably wondering, well then what are you going to do next?  Very good question!  Ideally I would like to go back to school, but right now it’s looking a little tough for me to go back to school here…(Yes, there is a program here in the Riviera Maya, but not all the classes are in English.)   😦 I need to do some more researching on where and exactly what I would like to do.  I am getting closer and who knows, maybe I will change my mind again!   I might try something and find that it isn’t exactly what I thought and try something else, that is okay.  It is more than okay; it signifies that I am getting closer to what I want to do.  I’m so excited!!


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