Maroma Beach

The friend that I have that does tours asked me if I wanted to go on a tour, but with him this time!  He asked if I had ever heard of Maroma Beach and I hadn’t.  I guess the Travel channel calls it “the best beach in the world.”  How could I not know about it?  He was going to book a tour of swimming with the dolphins, but it didn’t work out.  We went on an atv and speed boat tour instead!

It was a blast!!  First off, I made the mistake of wearing my GB Packer shirt.  Of course, this seems to always get comments from others.  There were some people there that were Seattle fans, but they sounded like they were from the south.  I could’ve sworn that the one guy was missing his front teeth. 🙂  I looked closer and I was imagining things…I think?  Anyway, the tour started off with riding the atvs.  I’ve never driven an atv before, and now I’m an expert! haha  We went through the jungle and along the ocean.  We even saw some tejones!  I had never seen one before and couldn’t even remember the name of them!  They are not afraid of people or vehicles!  While on the atvs, we even saw some people riding camels!  My friend told me there were camels there, but I just couldn’t believe people were actually riding them.  I thought that people only did that in Egypt and places like that. 🙂  Anyway, I made it back safe and didn’t crash, so I was happy.

Then we were given instructions for the speed boats.  It happened to be very windy that day.  As much as I love being on the water, I didn’t want to drive that day.  The tour guide picked on me a bit, but I said I don’t have enough money if we crash. haha  They warned us to be careful for the sharks…Mexican sharks-Mexicans in the water!  They were the guys helping us take off and doc the boats.  So funny!  My friend ended up driving, he felt a little uncomfortable, but we had fun.  We hit a wave so hard that I was almost standing up in the boat!  When we were done I couldn’t find my shorts.  I was teasing the guy and thought they hid my shorts on me!

Afterwards we got cleaned up and had lunch.  I had my new favorite meal of ceviche and margaritas.

Next time we said we would do the jetski instead…and maybe the camels? 🙂

Here’s a pic that I found of El Tejón (clown of the jungle) from


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