Ek Balam

I have a super nice friend who happens to be a manager for different tours around Cancun.  He knows that I’m not working right now and have some free time on my hands.  Occasionally he will ask at the last-minute, “Hey, do you want to go ______ today?”  Sure!  One morning he sends me a text to ask if I want to go to Ek Balam.  It’s all in Spanish and I had a little bit to drink the night before…I look at it and then tell myself I’ll figure out what it says later. haha!  Then he calls and asks me if I want to go.  He would pick me up in about 30 minutes.  He is so funny, he even says it will be later because he is Mexican! 🙂  So I decide to go on a trip to a place I haven’t even heard of before spur of the minute.  Many times the best things in life aren’t planned.

So he picks me up and takes me to where I can get on the bus.  I even get coffee and donuts!  We were driving along and they realized the air conditioning wasn’t working.  We drove a little while and switched buses.  This bus didn’t have as many seats and everyone on the bus was with someone except me and one other guy(about my age).  We had to sit together.  We had a good time talking(he spoke English and I tried speaking Spanish).  We weren’t on the bus very long before I though I might be missing something.  MY PHONE!  I started emptying out my bag and giving everything to my new amigo.  He asked what was wrong…I tried to stay calm, in fact I started laughing!  I told him.  He said the favorite Mexican saying that I’ve heard so many times, “Don’t worry.”  So I realized I left my phone on the other bus(it either fell out of the bag or I didn’t see it).  I ended up getting it back at the end of the trip.

We had a great time checking out the Mayan Ruins, awesome Cenote, lunch in a Mayan village, and a traditional church!  This wasn’t all in Ek Balam, but it was rather close to it.  I ended up having a great time and making a new friend.  I feel very blessed that I get to meet so many cool people and see such wonderful places!

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