Mi Nuevo Casa!

Hola everyone!  Sorry for the break in the posts…I’ve been a little busy and not in the writing mode.  I will get back to it though…

Well, I’ve been in my new house for about a week now.  I absolutely love it!  It is in a great location.  I am able to walk to everything and anything I need.  I’m also very close to the trail along the hotel zone, which is awesome!  The other day, I had the perfect start to a day…a run on the trail and then sat and overlooked the ocean.  I just thought the whole time, I can’t believe I can do this everyday!

It’s kind of funny because 4 people I know live in the same apartment buildings where I live (3 of them teachers).  At first, I had my doubts about living so close to so many people I know.  I thought it would be weird or that I wouldn’t meet as many people, but it’s fine.  They have different schedules and I really don’t see them all that much.

I love the neighborhood too!  It’s perfect!  I also feel very safe.  I hear the occasional dog barking and sometimes the traffic, but it’s not a big deal.  If I have the fan or air conditioner on, then it drowns out the sound.

I’ve always said that I wanted to have a palm tree in my back yard…well it’s not exactly a yard, but I do have some nice palm trees right out my window!

One of my Mexican amigos said…it looks like I live in a “Barbie house.”  I couldn’t stop laughing because I seriously didn’t think of that!


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