Isla Mujeres=amazing!

Yesterday, one of my amigos asked if I wanted to go to Isla Mujeres.  I really didn’t have to think about it.  I’ve been here for about 3 months and haven’t been there yet.  When I went swimming with the Whale Sharks, then I saw it and hung out in the water close to the island, but didn’t get to see it.

Anyway, we took the ferry and it’s just a short trip to the island.  I was a little worried about the ferry trip, but it was ok.  The last time I was on a ferry, I spent the whole time very nauseous!  This time it was no problema.

We got to the island and rented a golf cart and just drove around.  We checked out the Tortagranja(Turtle Farm).  I’m pretty sure I was more excited than the kids were!  They had some different kinds of turtles and different areas where ones were about to hatch, ones that were a couple of weeks old, 1 year old, 3 years, and adults(not that many adults).  They even had some turtles that were albino turtles, I guess.  I’m not sure of the name of them, but they did look a bit strange.

Then we went to the southern part of the island and checked out the little bit of the Mayan Ruins(it’s very small).  I guess it was ruined by Hurricane Gilbert.  It was said that it was an observatory dedicated the goddess Ixchel.  Also you get the most amazing view of Cancun and the Carribean Sea.  I think I was in so much awe, that I forgot to take pics! 😦 Oh well, next time.

After having a drink then we just looked around.   My friend was driving the golf cart.  He isn’t very used to driving them(it’s been awhile for me as well).  He decided he was going to back up and park in front of this van.  Well instead of hitting the break, he floored the gas!  We nailed the van!  I couldn’t stop laughing.  It might’ve been more a nervous laugh.  Luckily, the people who owned it were around and they didn’t seem to care(there wasn’t any damage).  My friend bribed them with cerveza and they were happy with that!

Then we went to the beach(Playa del Norte) and relaxed and listened to a Cuban band.  It makes me want to go to Cuba even more!  We(I should say my friend) talked to one of the guys in the band.  I have never heard anyone speak Spanish that fast in my life!  My friend even said that sometimes it’s hard for him to understand.  I was able to tell him in Spanish that he talks fast.  He just laughed.

So this place where we were listening to the band and having drinks, I happen to meet some people.  What do you know, I met some more people from WI!  One of them lived on Isla Mujeres!  Crazy!

We have the best time and maybe a couple too many drinks, but they were yummy!

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