Love love love!!!

In my opinion, one the best reasons for living here is (along with the absolute gorgeous beaches) on any given day, you will/can meet tons of people from all over the world.  This guy and I jumped on a bus today and we started speaking Spanish, then just talking a little bit…he’s from India!  Him and his wife are both doctors and live in my neighborhood.  Crazy, huh?!  Of course, he speaks fluent English, so I didn’t bother with the Spanish.  He actually gave me a number to call for a possible job opportunity(no, not in the health field).  His name was rather interesting…Spurgeon(sp?)  I should’ve asked him if he was going to be a surgeon, but that probably wouldn’t have been very funny.  Anyway, he was super nice and doing a job shadow/resident doctor work here for about 6 months.  I asked him where he wants to live and he said maybe Texas.  Wow, amazing!  I love meeting new people, even if they are going to be my friends forever or whatever.  I don’t care, I love meeting people from all over the world and I’m so amazed that I can do that here!



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  1. Corinne, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Who knows where this adventure will lead you, but I’m glad it has provided you with plenty of excuses to observe life, experience new ways of doing things and awaken your senses. There are definitly pivotal moments like what your going through, so I’m glad you feel so convinced about your decision. That’s a start and should help you feel grounded as you choose your new direction. No matter what you do, you’re in a position to learn Spanish which is invaluable. Set goals, set time limits, seek employment with seriousness and with an open eye. You may find some real surprises. I’ve found it comforting to think of such moments as a spiral…always moving forward while adding meaningful experiences along the way. Best of luck!!!

    • Amy,
      I love your insight and fresh perspective! I am having a tough time on exactly what to do, but I’m trying not to be too hard on myself…I know that I might not “figure it out” in a day or a week. I did have a job interview and they offered me the job, but it isn’t my “ideal” job. It would just be something different where I could make money. I don’t know if I should just take the position or wait. I don’t want to be without a job, yet rushing into a job doesn’t feel right either. You’re right, it is a pivotal point in my life! Whatever I do will get me closer to something that I want. I’m just not exactly sure what that is just yet. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to reply!!

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