I’m so sorry I haven’t updated you lately…let’s just say there is has been personal mucho stuff going on… and it has to do with my job.  I am going to refrain from saying anything about my job(just in case).  Let’s just say, it hasn’t worked out for me.  So, things have taken a severe turn!  I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be in Cancun, let alone teaching here…then let alone quitting a job here!  NO, I am not crazy… I have just come to a point in my life that all the things that I feel I “should” do are not going to bother/get to me.  I need to live MY life, not someone else’s life.  I love that I have made a drastic change to move to another country and the change in career is going to wake me up even more!  Sometimes people (including me) decide something and feel that is the way it should be…forever, when in fact, that is not the case.  Sometimes we might not know where the road might lead, but just because there are detours along the way doesn’t mean we should stop…they might lead to something better and beyond our wildest dreams.  I know without a single doubt in my mind, heart, and soul that I am making the right decision.  I love life and all its ups and downs… I know that there are many more to come.  As I encounter my ups and downs, the way I look at things changes as well.  I appreciate the beautiful sunrise that I see on my way to work…I appreciate the wonderful wind I feel on the crowded bus to where ever I might go, I appreciate the smiles I see when I know that the people I see are working long, hard hours to do jobs that are anything but great…  I appreciate that I am alive, breathing, healthy, smiling, the sun is shining, I have food, a place to live, and beautiful friends and family, and of course…I live in an amazing place.  Me encanta Cancun and Mexico!

Residencial Las Americas


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