Although, my Spanish is improving, it is far from where it needs to be to actually carry a conversation.  A few things I can “get by” with by knowing a few basics here and there…and one of them is getting in a taxi and getting home.  I know how to say where I live and give them specific directions once they get into Residencial Las Americas(it’s complicated for mailmen and delivery guys)…

Anyway, I jump into a taxi the other night and say where I live, not even thinking.  The cab driver says, (in Spanish) I don’t know where that is.  When you jump into a taxi, you never know what kind of personality you might get, so I didn’t know if he was serious or not.  I wait just a little bit, then I thought I heard him laugh.  So I say, “muy gracioso.”  Then I see, he has no idea where to go.  He then tells me he is from Akumal.  So I do not worry, but my Spanish is very limited and I didn’t have my dictionary with me.  (not that it would help at 11:00pm anyway-when I can’t see).  So I say a few limited things and give directions and I got to mi casa!  Yay!  I just had to laugh when I got home.



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