My friend and I get on a bus tonight(route 44 that goes to La Gran Plaza).  The bus driver just shakes his head no and says no hotel zonera.  I say, “yo vivo aqui!” (I live here). We don’t want to go to the hotel zone.  It made me laugh…  I will always look like a tourist, which is fine. 🙂


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  1. Actually I had an amigo Emilio. He was a born and bred Mexican, but was of German extraction. He was tall, blonde with blue eyes. Everyone assumed he was a tourist until he opened his mouth. Then they knew he was 100% Chilango (Mexican from DF.)

  2. hahah that is funny cause Last time i went to cancun with all my cousins all the girls\moms decided to take the city bus for a ride and we decided to go all the way up and come back. All the bus driver kept telling is was “bad Cancun” and people that lived there were trying to ask us where we were going. We are like crap now what. 2 hours later thank god we made it back alive and didn’t get on another city bus again! It was a adventure

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