Neighborhood ninos

The other night (Friday) I wasn’t feeling very motivated.  After work sometimes it takes quite an effort to do anything.  Also, at work, they have been fixing the air conditioners…so we have been just sweating like crazy!

Anyway, I finally got some motivation to go for a run(when the sun started to go down).  When I left for my run, the neighborhood kids were playing fútbol in the street. They use garbage cans for the goal!  Yes, it’s pretty safe.  When I got back, I decided to hang out for a bit outside and watch.

Later the kids were really funny.  They all came up to me trying to ask me tons of questions.  One little boy was so happy to say he knew English, because he’s from Jamaica.  He was my little translator for the night!

One boy asked if I believed in Santa Claus(most of them were around 10 yrs. old).  I thought it was a trick question or something…I said Why?  They went on to explain that they really didn’t know and they were going to put a video camera in the house at night.  I said that I know how he can get in houses in the US, but not here(no chimney)!  They already had an idea-there is a small hole in the house on the second floor.  Duh?!  I haven’t seen this hole they are talking about, but ok that works.

One little boy even inquired about me having a husband or a boyfriend.  I said no to both.  Then said, why are you interested? haha He said-well then, whose jeep is that in front of your house sometimes?!  Looks like I have some very curious vecinos(neighbors). 🙂

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