Cancun vs. Africa

Today I was checking my email ready to delete tons of emails when I recognized a very familiar and strange name…Momodou Mambouray.

I guess I should back up just a bit in my story…

Before I decided to move to Cancun, I knew that I really needed a challenge.  I happened to stumble upon many stories, pictures, and jobs from Africa.  I even read 3 or 4 books about different areas of Africa and thought this must be what I should do next.  I found this job that sounded like a great opportunity and would help the poorest of the poor.  It was a job teaching teachers in Africa.  It is for an organization called IFESH(International Foundation for Education & Self Help).  They hire teachers from all over and bring them to Arizona, train them, then send them off to areas in Africa.  I applied for a position before the end of March and hadn’t heard back from them.  I had to write an essay, get 3 letters of recommendation, resume, cover letter, and application…no easy process.  I didn’t hear back from them-UNTIL TODAY!  They said they have been trying to contact me(I had my phone shut off before I left).  They said they have a position open in Ethiopia and Liberia.

I believe that everything happens for a reason…my mom and I took a trip to Cancun in March, applied and got the job in April(really fast and easy), and now I’m here on a new adventure.

I’m just in shock to think of what my life would’ve been like/not been like if I would’ve gotten an offer and accepted with IFESH… definitely not palm trees and Coronas, that’s for sure!  I know I was meant to be here at this time.  Even if I don’t stay here forever, that’s okay.  Life is meant for taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone… where ever that may be.  🙂


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  1. I almost hung up on the guy that called here to contact you about the Africa teaching job. He didn’t explain himself well at first but I didn’t think it would hurt to give him your email address.I’m glad you’re in Cancun and not Africa. But you already know that.

    • Wow, I am just surprised the way things fell into place…it’s amazing how life is crazy like that. That is so strange how he called your house. I don’t remember giving him your number. Weird?!

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