English, Spanish…Chinese?

Aw, today was one of those days that I think that I needed a reminder or refresher on patience levels…


Today while teaching, the morning part went okay(which is from 7:00-10:30, then 10:30 on I wanted to bang my head against the wall.  I swear, I told the kids to turn to page 4(I even said cuatro).  I think about 4 or 5 of them did page 5 instead.  I gave directions, showed them the page, put an example on the board.

I will give them this, the maintenance staff decided that today would be a good day to try to fix/repair the air conditioner.  So it was shut off at the hottest part of the day.  This did not help things and it didn’t help my patience either.  I went from feeling normal to just sweating like crazy just walking around the classroom.  I felt like “Crabby Corinne.” ha!

I tried to make a joke to myself(it’s a coping mechanism, that can work wonders for me).  I told the class that English, Spanish…they probably would’ve listened the same if I spoke Chinese.  Yes, I’m a little sarcastic. 🙂 So one of the students says, “My dad is Chinese.”  Yeah, one of those days.

I got home and ate and took a long nap, then went for a run.  Thank God I feel better now.  I need to run more anyway, I just might have to do it for my sanity! haha

I’m teasing…the kids are very cute and mostly very sweet.  They are VERY CHATTY!!  Sometimes I wonder what they could have to say 24 hours a day.  I do love them, it will take me awhile to get used to things.  This is definitely a challenge and that’s what I wanted/needed!!



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  1. Things are different in Mexico .. hope you get used to the changes. Sometimes hot water or not and sometimes air cond. or not. It’s a real challenge. But I love it there!

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