Nadar con Whale Sharks!!

Last Saturday I had the absolutely best time ever!  I got a chance to swim with Whale Sharks!! My school was trying to organize a trip for a bunch of teacher to take a whale shark excursion.  I happened to meet someone that hooked us up with a better deal.

We met a Port Juarez @ 8:00.  We had 10 people on the boat and the Captain and Diving guy(Luis)?  We took off and had about 1 1/2 hour trip to where the Whale Sharks are hanging out this time of year.  They are only here for a short time.  The season is about from August to mid September.

The trip was a little choppy and one teacher spent the 900 pesos puking and laying on the boat…poor girl!  We got some pics for her though! haha.  We first went to a place where there were tons of boats and not many Whale Sharks, so many of us were a bit concerned at first.  Then we took off and went to a more remote area with a few boats and many more Whale Sharks.

We took turns going in, because having 10 people chase/swim after a Whale Shark doesn’t really work that well.  I was in the first group to go in.  We jumped in and I put on my snorkel gear and looked down and screamed! It was right there!!  It was absolutely amazing!!  Then my dang flipper and mask started coming off, so had to adjust and those suckers swim fast!  The next time I went in, he almost hit me with his tale!  It was so unreal, like words won’t do it justice!  Actually many of my stories can’t be put into words, but I’ll try.  Luckily I took some Dramamine before we went and it helped me, but others weren’t so lucky.  They were fine when we were flying along, but when we were idling around, the boat just swayed and people turned pale…many jumped in and felt better.  Well, I was feeling fine, but just wanted to jump in.  The one time I did and Luis told me to look to my left.  Wouldn’t you know it, a Whale Shark (he said it was about a teenager)!  It was still huge, but much smaller compared to the others.  SO cool because it was just me and the Whale Shark!

Then we got to go to Heaven on Earth or Isla Mujeres…the boat crew made us Ceviche and handed out Coronas while we mingled in the tropical water.  Also snorkeled around there a bit.  I really didn’t want to leave.

There aren’t any schools at Isla  or I would be the first teacher working there for sure! haha  Ok, maybe not, it’s kind of a small island.  It’s still paradise.  Oh, Cancun is too…and Playa del Carmen too.  Every place around here seems like paradise!  I will put some pics up of the whale sharks as soon as I get some. 🙂


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