I think I’m understanding the whole siesta(nap time) thing here…I get up for work pretty early and it’s really nice because it gives me the whole rest of the day to either relax or get things done!  Although this is great having the early day, it still gets very hot(like soaking wet hot in minutes) here.  I am even in air/fans all day, yet when I step outside it makes me slow down…a lot.  It is nice to have something to eat and then take a nap.  Yep, that might be my daily routine or go to the beach 🙂 haha


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    • Yes, mostly a short little nap helps. Otherwise I can’t get to sleep at night. I’m still not used to waking up at 5:30 and not really sitting down until I get home. A nap at the beach is even better! I will definitely be doing that more when I get into the swing of things more. Right now, it take energy for me to go walk to the bus stop(or walk to get a cab) 🙂

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