Bono-school mascot

In the US (at least where I’m from) it is fairly common that many animals aren’t allowed at school.  Usually administrators are worried about children having allergies or safety issues.  Sometimes on a workday teachers would sneak their dog in and we would have a little “dog play day.”

What is cool about the school where I work, my boss’ dog (Bono) comes to work with her.  Yes, Bono, like the singer from U2.  He is laid back and very smart(he responds in 2 languages). 🙂  He sometimes visits with the teachers or sneaks into the air conditioning.  I absolutely love dogs and it makes me miss my dog (Lily) even more…she might have to come back with me during Christmas?  I hope so.




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    • That’s good to hear! I know that she will like it here, but I’m not as sure about not having a yard 😦 I do want her here though, yet it’s nice not to have to worry about her getting too hot… I know that she would stay by the fan all day and the tile floor would be cool for her. Thanks so much for taking care of her! What would I do without you guys?!!

    • Aw, thanks! She is a great dog and has been through so much with me. I miss her terribly. She would love the beach and she is OBSESSED with water. She could swim for days! I will hope and pray for the best! Gracias!

  1. I think she would love to be with her Mom 🙂 Wishing you luck with bringing her to Cancun. Dogs there even go to church. I usually attend the Catholic church in town and dogs roam in and out. It’s kinda funny! Guess they need to pray!

    • Thanks! Every time I see a dog, I think of how much I miss her. I know my parents don’t mind her, but she is another dog (they have 3)! That’s funny about the church thing! I think a dog could/does answer a persons’ prayers.

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