The road to school…

As in any other place in the world, there are bad roads in Cancun.  The street next to my school was badly in need of repairs.  The city finally agreed to fix the street about 1 month before school started.  They said it would be done in time for school to start.  The problem with this is that Mexico is a little different in many ways… there are things that can interfere when getting projects/major construction done.  One is that once you decide you are going to dig up something, other city departments decide they would like to take advantage of this.  SO, they decided to put in new water drainage pipes AND cable/telephone cables THEN do the road.  Another thing that can get in the way of major construction here is weather.  Recently we had hurricane Ernesto go through the area…that did not help.  I’m no expert in construction, but if I had to guess, I would say that it’s not very likely that this road will be done in time(August 20th).  They can’t have 300+ kids walking to school from far away and having parents drop them off at a busy street.  This should be interesting…They (directors) said if it’s not done in time, they will have to postpone the start of school.  What do you think?  Do you think this will be done in a few days?  It’s taken them about a month to get this far…

the hike to school


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    • Hi,
      I guess if most or(at least part of the road is done then they will be able to have school). Yes, I did notice the machinery or lack of machinery. I will keep everyone posted…

  1. Yes, I agree with Raymundo. There is a lot of man power behind projects and infrastructure in many parts of the Yucatan. The workers are usually very efficient but a month is cutting it close. Good luck.

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