Mi Cumpleaños!!

I think this birthday could go down in the record book for being one of the best!  I didn’t get to see all of my family and friends, but otherwise it was awesome!

I started the day going to this fabulous place for breakfast.  I will have to get back to you on the name of the place.   I had an omelet and coffee and it was perfect!  It was so cute…there was this little girl(around 2 years old) that had wondered off from her mom.  She obviously couldn’t find her mom, but instead of just wandering around, she kept coming up to me!  It was so sweet!  She kept saying “donde mi mama?”  I tried talking to her, but she didn’t really respond…then she kept coming back to me.  “Donde mi mama?”  Then finally her mom called her name a few tables away.  She was so precious!

I went home for awhile and talked with family on skype and chilled because it was raining…the rain passed quickly, which was so nice!

Later in the day I hung out with some friends and met more people on the beach and relaxed.  I enjoyed Tecate Light and had a great time!

Then for dinner, I was invited to a friend’s cousin’s house for an authentic Mexican meal with dessert and everything!!  I’m soooooooooooooooooo full!

I had the best day!  I feel so blessed! 🙂


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  1. That was a great post. I’m so glad you are meeting so many nice people. Glad too that you had such good time on your birthday. Sounds like the perfect day. What was on the authentic menu? That could be another post.

    • Yes, I don’t know why I left that part out…It is called “monkey meat.” It isn’t monkey meat, but pig. They call it Tortas(sp?). It is like a sandwich, but way better. It had meat, cheese, some kind of sauce(I’m not sure the name…mole?) and avocado on bread. It was sooooooo good! I also tried a dessert and can’t remember the name of it. It was kind of like fried bananas(special kind of banana-el plátano?) with like whipped cream on top. I also tried another thing, but have to write down the names of this stuff!! Thanks dad! It was a very relaxing day!

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