1st day of Work!

School doesn’t start until August 20th, but today was the first day of work.  It went really well!

They(administrators) warned me that they didn’t have many supplies and the supplies they did have aren’t as nice as US(tape not as sticky, etc).  Today I learned that the cork in bulletin boards doesn’t do well here, so we used cardboard!

Also, when going around and doing introductions…I was the only one that didn’t speak Spanish!  Many of the teachers speak English though.  I felt a little nervous and didn’t want to be the only one to give my intro in English, but oh well.  I will learn!

Right away this morning in another teacher’s classroom, there was a huge cockroach!  Awwww!!!

The staff was very warm and welcoming!  I’m so excited to be here!!

This will definitely be a year where it might be a toss up between who learns more…my students or me? 🙂  teasing!


4 responses

  1. Congratulations on your first day at work in a new school in a new country. I really hope it goes well for you and your students. I can’t wait to hear more about how it’s going for you. I check your blog daily to see what’s up. I won’t always comment because who needs to hear my opinion on everything.

    • Well, thanks dad! I think it will go well and I’m excited for the school year! It is nice to know that I always have your support. I do hope you mention a few things to mom, since I’m guessing she doesn’t check this. I will get better at posting more things as time goes on…

  2. Not to worry. You will soon find your Spanish improving. It will be great when you realize, “hey I can actually have a conversation with this person and understand it too!” Best wishes at your new job.

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