Nude Beach?

The other day I went to the beach that I’ve been going to a lot(Delphinius Beach).  It is a beach on the hotel zone, but a public beach, not in front of any hotels.  Anyway, usually I see mostly Mexicans with the occasional foreigner here and there.  On that day there were many people not from the area…I was doing my usual thing; talking with the chair/umbrella guys, reading, and getting tons of sun.  Then I looked around and thought I was imagining things.  Maybe I got too much sun!  There was a girl right next to the ocean without her top on!  No one said a thing or even seemed to notice…YES, you could tell she was a girl.  Anyway, I never saw any signs against it and maybe it’s fine in Mexico, but it just surprised me.  I knew that was not a big deal in many places all over the world, didn’t even think about there being a nudist beach here.  I know, it’s not a nudist beach.  That’s what I kind of like about Mexico, almost anything goes here! 


2 responses

  1. Topless has been there for several years! Just walk to some other beaches. I’m surprised that’s the first you have seen. And there are a couple nudist hotels around Cancun area. Don’t be so shocked!

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