Biggest beetle ever…in my house!

Last night when I decided to go to bed, I was about to turn on the light…and I saw something big on the wall.  I thought, it has to be my imagination or some dirt or something.  So I turn on the light and almost had a heart attack!  This beetle was so big it could’ve picked up my bed! 🙂  I knew I had to kill this thing or I would never sleep.  I grabbed some paper towels(even though the thought of smashing it was disgusting).  I went after the thing and it ran soooooooooooooo fast!  Plan B: shoe from my closet!  I smacked it hard and it didn’t die right away.  I finally got it, but probably woke up my neighbors…by screaming!  Just thinking about it now makes me anxious!  Ugh!


3 responses

    • Yeah, it might’ve been…I’m certainly no expert on bugs. I tried looking it up online, but couldn’t stand to look at pics. My stomach was in knots just thinking about it.

    • Ok, a friend just clarified it for me…it was a cockroach! I think I was just trying to be optimistic or something. “Beetle” sounds better! 🙂 I cleaned my house today from top to bottom…I will have to turn into a neat freak!

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