Loco girl/guy?

Last night I went to an Irish Pub to see a band(Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover band).  I was a little surprised that Cancun has so much more than Mexican and Club/Disco music… Anyway, afterwards the guy I was with wanted to grab something quick to eat at a taco stand outside.  It was no big deal, but then this girl(or so I thought) turns around and asks how I was doing… I tried not to let my eyes pop out of my head.  It was a transvesdite!  He/She was hilarious!  She was asking me tons of questions…where I was from, if I thought the guy I was with was a little hot or too hot.  I didn’t think there was such a thing as being “too hot.”  Am I right?  There were plenty of people around and for the first time since being here, I think I wasn’t the one being stared at! Loco!


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