Learning Espanol

So, being from WI, I haven’t had to learn Spanish…and in high school I wanted to take Spanish, but the only choice was German 😦  No offense to any Germans…Anyway, with having very little knowledge of Spanish and having trouble distinguishing between mejor (best) and mujer(woman)…I knew I was in for quite the challenge! 🙂  Now even just having been in Mexico about 3 weeks, I feel so much better!  I still can’t really say a ton, but I’m trying and have learned a bunch in a short amount of time!  The biggest and hardest thing to do is to be able to practice, practice, practice!  I have run into some people that are quite proficient in English(not many), then I forget to practice!  I’m starting to get better with not feeling like an idiot around people that are basically proficient in both English and Spanish.

The other day a girl came by my house and was speaking to me in Spanish(when I first moved in).  I knew she was hanging out next door, but didn’t know what she was doing.   She said something about limpio…I kept thinking that meant soap.  So I was very confused, but tried to clarify if she really needed soap(in Spanish).  Anyway, I felt like a dork…I figured it out, she wanted to know if she could clean my house.  Limpio = clean 🙂  I did understand after talking to her a bit, that she cleans my neighbor’s house.  He is a doctor and she has been cleaning his place for about 4 years.  She would charge me around 200 pesos (less than $20) for my whole house.  I started laughing at myself for the whole thing.

Lesson for me: use my dictionary more and write down common words.

I love learning the language and keep reminding myself that I’ve only been here 3 weeks. I don’t need to freak out if I don’t know everything yet.  It is so fun to be able to say something that I need to say or ask and they(Spanish speakers) understand!  It’s amazing!! 🙂

loco hair!


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